What are your catering packages and their starting costs?

We are not a one size fits all catering company. Each menu is custom made for each client, according to their tastes and budget. Our process starts with a conversation about our clients likes and dislikes. We like to get to know our customers and understand what’s important to them. When putting together a wedding menu we like to incorporate family recipes as well as foods that are significant to the couple – something they shared on their first date or something they had when they got engaged. We then give an initial menu proposal for our client to look over. We work with them to make the appropriate changes and tweaks to get to a desirable menu that is within their budget.

What is the average timeline for getting a menu proposal?

Our timeline for an initial menu proposal is two to three weeks. We are a mom & pop catering company so our team wears many hats, Chef Nick & our Chef de Cuisine write each menu according to each clients tastes.

What is your Service Charge & what does it cover?

Our service charge varies for each menu according to the style of service. The service charge covers the price of service staff, plate ware, silverware, nonalcoholic glassware, and black or white floor length linens for food stations.

What if one or more of our guests has an allergy?

We can accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences with advance notice.

Do you charge a cake cutting fee?

Cake cutting is included in the cost of our service, whether or not we’ve made the cake for your event.

Do you make cakes?

We are more than happy to make cakes and custom desserts for any event catered by Mahgniffe LLC.

Can we tour Mulberry Hall?

Yes, we love having people come out to see our place! Email or call to schedule a tour!

What’s included in the rental for Mulberry Hall?

When you rent Mulberry Hall for your event you get access to everything we have for the venue. This includes our tables, chairs, outdoor games, decor, and access to our Bluetooth sound system. Those items are included in the rental cost. We do not charge extra for them. If you require items more specific to your taste that we don’t have in house we are more than happy to give you a recommendation for a rental company.

We also include our restaurant space, if it is available, to use as a dressing room for events at Mulberry Hall.

Are there any ‘add on’ costs for renting Mulberry Hall?

We believe in being transparent with our pricing. Anything that we have in house is available to you. There are very few costs not included in our rental contract. If you choose to serve alcohol at your event we do require that your hire a licensed service and a licensed bartender if you are not choosing to use Mahgniffe as your bar service. At any event that serves alcohol we require you to hire a security guard, this is for your safety and the safety of your guests. Finally, we always encourage event insurance. You can add event insurance through your homeowners insurance or a third party service. We strongly recommend that you include the weather rider in the case of severe storms.

Is the Sugar House Bed & Breakfast included with the rental of Mulberry Hall?

The Sugar House is not included in the rental for Mulberry Hall but you do have the option of adding it. The Sugar House is often used for the Bridal Party suite where brides and bridesmaids get ready for the big day. Often couples will rent The Sugar House for the night of the wedding so they can relax after their event and not worry about commuting elsewhere.

What’s included when I stay at the Sugar House B&B?

We greet every guest with sparkling wine and fresh flowers. They are then treated to a full farm breakfast the next day. Other meals may be made available upon request with advance notice.

Can I book the Sugar House if we are not throwing an event at Mulberry Hall?

Yes. The Sugar House books for all kinds of weekend getaways and occasions. You do not need to be throwing a party to come and enjoy some country peace and quiet.

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